A Solar Green Earth

Visioned by Nowshad Amin

Something in my mind....for long...

30th May 2010; 10:30 PM Malaysian time:

I wish there would be solar energy harvester in each open space like rooftops, facets or building walls, and everywhere. In my PhD thesis, I wrote in the introductory chapter, like I dream a day when people of Bangladesh will put solar panels on their huts instead of pumpkin plants (which they used to do) to get cheaper electricity. Solar panel price has dramatically come down, with better understanding these days, after a decade of my PhD final days. We do not need to say lots of words these days about the good things of solar energy any more. People are fed up with diesel generators with noise, fuel cost and air pollution associated with these, in Bangladesh. All we need is to reduce our greedy business policies. Solar PV is a plug and play like stuff, for small systems of course. People should get more benefit from it. However, there are people to make more benefits from the business; my experience says.... I would like more younger people get involved in this simple technology to assist the tremendous need for energy in third world country like Bangladesh. We have every modern gadgets there, however no energy to power those. What a pity!

Let's not be lavish in energy usage...

 9th June 2015; 10:30 PM Malaysian time:

It took millions of years to have all hydro-carbon based fossil fuels, but our lavish usage in last 200 years or so now puts us amid clear threat of extinction....in just years ahead.


Have we ever thought of this? What a pity!